is offered in 2 sessions

Session 1
(20 weeks)

Session 2
(14 weeks)

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The term Hippotherapy means treatment with the help of the horse. The purpose of Hippotherapy is to provide rehabilitative services combining classical equine techniques with the long and short-term goals of traditional physical, occupational and speech therapy.  This is a specialized therapy service that requires a specialized certification from the American Hippotherapy Association.
In order to participate in Hippotherapy sessions, an individual must have a prescription from a physician. Therapists providing this service are Independent Contractors and set their own fee for the therapy session. This service may qualify for insurance reimbursement. Since the use of the horse as a unique tool is optional there is an additional out of pocket fee to pay for costs incurred by Freedom Ride for the use of their horses, facilities, instructors and volunteers. Participants are scheduled through the Therapist. 
Basic Fees
Facility Fee (payable to Freedom Ride) - $40 per visit
PT/OT Evaluation (at initial visit) - additional cost may apply
Therapy Session (payable to therapist) - $ determined by therapy center

"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man." - Winston Churchill