Horseback riding is a great form of therapy for any individual because it removes the “office/classroom” aspect of therapy sessions from the picture and allows the individual to receive therapy without even realizing it.  Therapeutic riding gives each individual a sense of empowerment and interacting with our horses doesn’t just strengthen muscles and improve balance and coordination— the generous nature of our horses strengthens emotional bonds, building trust and confidence with each session.
Freedom Ride's primary program is Therapeutic Horseback Riding Lessons.  This "recreational" activity provides basic riding lessons tailored to fit each rider's specific needs, helping improve their levels of strength, balance, mobility and confidence during their riding experience.

Freedom Ride offers a Hippotherapy Program when our certified therapists are available to provide this service. Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists must be certified with the American Hippotherapy Association in order to provide this therapy service to clients. We currently work in conjunction with Life Skills an Occupational Therapy center.

Freedom Ride offers a mental health program known as Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL). EFL breaks through resistance, increases motivation, and offers a serene, non-clinical environment rarely present in traditional talk therapy for both the therapist and the client. Freedom Ride offers their facility and horses for you and your client, as an equine specialist assists you in establishing a program that will best meet the needs of you and your client. For more information, please contact Farrah or Karen at 407-293-0411.

**  There are a limited number of openings available for each new session.**

Freedom Ride 2019 Session Calendar:

     2019 Session 1 (20 weeks):         January 2nd - May 25th 

    (No classes - March 18-23)

     2019 Session 2 (14 weeks):         September 3 - December 14

    (No classes - November 25-30)


"Within the warmth of my horse's breath, 
I will find the air that I need to live today, 
I will find the wind to fly to the height of my dreams, 
I will find the one I am meant to be"